Why PV?

Solar PV is a renewable energy system which uses cells to convert sunlight into electricity.

Solar PV is easy to install and can go on many types of building, whether it is your home or on a roof of a commercial business and not forgetting the aesthetically pleasing ground arrays that are becoming ever more popular for larger systems.

There are many different options to choose from to suit the individual’s needs and many advantages for choosing Solar PV:

  • Significantly reduces electricity bills.
  • A sound and guaranteed financial investment that is likely to increase the value of your home as it will marginally be affected by increasing fuel prices, therefore making it an extremely attractive option to potential buyers.
  • Excess electricity is sold back to the utility supplier, therefore providing you with an additional income.
  • Energy from the sun is free.
  • Solar electricity is clean, emits no pollutants, creates no waste and uses no fuel. Therefore it is a VERY green energy solution.
  • Helps the environment by reducing your energy consumption, thereby preventing greenhouse gases (CO2 emissions) from entering the atmosphere - a perfect and simple way to meet building energy efficiency standards.
  • PV cells operate not just with direct sunlight but diffused sunlight and will even work on cloudy days and therefore is available throughout the year, not just the summer!
  • PV products are meticulously engineered for a long service life, delivering power for many years to come.
  • Planning permission is no longer required on most domestic houses, unless the property is listed or in an area of 'outstanding' natural beauty (subject to change).

You will be connected to the Feed-in-tariff scheme which is supplied by almost any energy supplier. The tariff means that you are paid for the electricity you generate, regardless if you use it or not! This payment is for every kw/h you produce for a guaranteed 25 years, tax free!

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