Increased RHI payments for heat pump installs


Take advantage of the increased Renewable Heat Incentive tariffs for heat pump installations - they're increasing from April 1st 2017

The tariff for new air source heat pump installations will increase to 10.02p/kWh as of 1 April 2017. All installations that have taken place since 14th December 2016 will be eligible for the higher tariff. Heat demand limits will be introduced to limit the level of annual heat demand in respect of which any household can receive support. The heat demand limits will be set at 20,000 kWh for ASHPs, 25,000 kWh for biomass boilers and stoves and 30,000 kWh for GSHPs. However, this will not disqualify properties with higher heat demands from applying to the scheme. There will be no heat demand limit for solar thermal.

This means that any air source heat pump scheme will attract a maximum of 20,000 x 10.02 x 7 years = £14,028 in total (subject to a small consumer price index inflationary figure). An installation completed between now and the end of March will initially receive the current rate of 7.51p and will be automatically increased to 10.02p as from 1st April. It is still uncertain whether applications with an EPC showing an annual Kwh use of greater than 20,000 kwh, will continue to receive the allowance at the higher rate of 10.02p multiplied by their full kwh figure as noted on their EPC.    

Air Source Heat Pumps: The Facts

  • Easily integrated to existing system
  • Long life span
  • Fuel savings
  • RHI Incentives


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