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How can CO2 be part of the answer to reduce energy costs whilst protecting the environment?

Usually portrayed as the bad guy, CO2 can play the hero’s role when it comes to heat pump technology and hot water production. Here at Dorset Energy Solutions we're really excited by Sanden's super-efficient, money & energy saving Aquaeco2 Max…

CO2 hot water heat pumpHydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs are the most commonly used heat pump refrigerants. Dubbed ‘super greenhouse gases’ the use of these synthetic compounds is increasing at a disturbing rate (10 to 15% a year). With 100 – 3000 times more global warming potential than CO2 (GWP 1) and a reputation for being both toxic and potentially carcinogenic it is important that alternative sources are popularised.
There is European and UK Government legislation to phase down the use of HFC refrigerants in manufacture and CO2 will provide a suitable and environmentally friendly alternative.

Enter the good guy… CO2 refrigerant gas technology
When used as a refrigerant, CO2 (R744) is an environmentally sensitive alternative to HFCs; the application of CO2 refrigeration technology is growing rapidly across the globe. By no means a new concept (the first refrigeration machine was developed in the 1890s) this is a revival of tried and tested technology, one of the very first refrigerants. CO2 refrigerant delivers the most efficient process by which to heat water using air source heat pumps.

Lower running costs & greater efficiency with CO2 refrigerants
Running costs are dramatically reduced by the very high efficiencies of these heat pumps in both domestic and commercial water heating applications. These high efficiencies are achieved because of CO2’s ultra-high specific heat capacity when compared to HFC refrigerants. This exceptionally high coefficient of performance, with virtually no reduction in capacity, results in very low running costs at ambient temperatures as low as -20°C and, importantly, with no reduction of hot water temperature. Add to this the compatibility of a CO2 unit with solar PV and the running costs are reduced even further.

Sanden – a world leading innovator and manufacturer in CO2 technology
A world leader in CO2 cooling and heating technology, Sanden Environmental Solutions developed the Aquaeco2 Max water heating air source heat pump to dramatically reduces energy costs, whatever the fuel type used. Dorset Energy's skilled installers can integrate an Aquaeco2 Max system with existing hot water services to have you up and running with low-cost, piping hot water in no time.

Are you a high volume hot water user?
For farms, campsites, sports clubs & venues, breweries, laboratories or research facilities using high volumes of hot water daily, this technology provides a cost saving alternative with a return on investment of 3 to 5 years.

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