The Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump


Dorset Energy Solutions are the first company in the UK to offer the SANDEN Co2 Air source hot water heat pump system.

The SANDEN Heat pump produces large volumes of hot water at 65dc at very low cost, for each Kw of electric the system produces up to 4.1Kw of heat.

This high quality heat pump is manufactured near Rennes in France and has been installed in hundreds of sites across Europe.

The heat pump system is suitable for many applications including; Dairy farms, Camp Sites, Sports Centres, Restaurants, Hair Salons or a business with high usage of hot water.

CO2 Heat Pump Advantages
Flexible installation
Hot water produced and stored at 65°C; zero risk of legionella
Up to 1000 L of DHW at 40°C available per day per unit
No electric back-up needed, even at -15°C outside temperature
Quiet operation
Low maintenance costs, no refrigerant refill required
Lower business carbon footprint
Compliance to existing and future regulation.

Carbon Trust Green Energy Grants available for commercial applications

for more information regarding the SANDEN Co2 Hot water heat pump, please call Dorset Energy Solutions on Tel: 01747 825222.






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