Domestic Solar Photovoltaics


The use of solar PV in UK home's has become increasingly more popular since the introduction of the government Feed-In Tariff. The solar PV panels we install all come with a 25 year performance warranty with a life expectancy of 30 years or more.

We understand that everybody has their own individual energy requirements, whether it is the need for cheaper electricity and heating bills, making your home more appealing to buyers or just making your home greener. We suggest the best options we can offer to suit your needs using only the highest quality material and the best customer service.

Most of the solar PV systems installed in the UK are connected to the grid which means you earn money for every kw/h you produce. Recent years have seen payback rates become increasingly better than ever before, with the average system receiving an 8-10% return on their investment, making solar PV a highly attractive investment for the future.

All our domestic PV systems also come with a real-time performance data, which is installed on your computer. The programme uses Bluetooth to read and track past and present data to see how your system is getting on and display what you are earning hour by hour.

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