Air Conditioning

Here at Dorset Energy Solutions, we design, supply and install efficient, bespoke air-con systems designed to meet all of your requirements while reducing energy consumption by up to 35%. Based in North Dorset, we serve clients across the South West.

Our service doesn't stop with the installation, as our air conditioning engineers are always on-hand to improve, maintain or appraise your new or existing air-con system.

Air conditioning can make the ideal environment, suiting to your needs, adapting to seasonal changes, whether the need for heating a room, cooling, dehumidifying, ventilating, or cleaning the air. Suitable for conservatories, bedrooms, living areas as well as office and business use.

Available in a range of wall-mounted, floor-mounted and ceiling units as well as concealed units.

Air conditioning has many advantages, affecting health and personal performance.

The unit consists of an indoor and outdoor unit, how and when they are used depends on what you want the unit for. In simple terms, it works by absorbing energy in one place and releasing it in another place.