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Dorset Energy Solutions have extensive experience with Battery storage and offer the best quality and value products to suit both the property and the homeowner.

Typical domestic customers consume less than 50% of the energy generated by their solar panel array with the remainder going out into the electricity grid for use elsewhere. 

Battery storage for solar panels works by simply collecting any unused energy from your solar panels and storing it in a battery instead of exporting it to the grid network. So now you can reduce the amount of money you put into your energy supplier’s pocket.


How battery storage for solar panels works

Battery storage for solar panels works by diverting electricity to charge the batteries when the system detects you are using less than you are generating. This will continue until either the batteries are full, or you start using more electricity than you are generating. At that point, the batteries will kick in so you start using the stored electricity before buying more from your supplier.

All batteries store electricity as Direct Current (DC). To make the power useable, it needs to be converted to Alternating Current (AC) by an inverter. The same kind of technology that you have if you have a solar panel array.

Here at Dorset Energy Solutions, we have a showroom with products to show our customers, give us a call to arrange an appointment.

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