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Smart Controls


How It Works

In its simplest form, the SALUS Smart Home system cleverly allows you to control and manage your heating from anywhere using an app from your Smartphone, Tablet or PC.

Starting with heating controls as a base, it is easy to unlock the true power of the SALUS Smart Home system just by adding a few very simple and easy to install devices. Linked wirelessly to the SALUS Universal Connection Gateway and controlled remotely from the clear intuitive SALUS Smart Home app, the system operation can then be tailored precisely to your needs. The clear but powerful software then allows you to create the exact functions you want to add comfort, safety, security and convenience to your home.

Each heating solution uses the SALUS Smart Home Connection Gateway

Whether you are wanting an Electric, Hydronic or Underfloor heating solution, you will need the SALUS Smart Home Connection Gateway. The Connection Gateway is at the heart of a SALUS Smart Home system and allows the user to connect devices so that they link up and interact with one another.

Smart Home System


SALUS Smart Home Video

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